Christa Fletcher
January 31, 2012
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Drive A


There are few bands these days that stick to the roots and rich sounds of rock and roll. For Drive A, that’s not a problem, it’s the point. Straight out of Los Angeles, California, this band was formed when two guys met outside the Troubadour and it turned out that lead vocalist and guitarist Bruno Mascolo and rhythm guitarist Jason Nott shared a common taste in music. And, beginning in the spring of 2007, they started to make some. They later found Terry Stirling and “began writing songs that had a remarkably developed blend of killer riffs, punk rock hooks, and a raw, rock ‘n’ roll gutter-snarl.”

Before they knew it, Drive A was born. So, they took their high energy band and hit the road in a van to tour. They even landed a spot on the 2008 Vans Warped Tour and shared the stage with bands like Rise Against, Papa Roach, Stone Temple Pilots and Pennywise. “It has been amazing to go out and play with some of the bands that have influenced us in one way or another,” said Bruno Mascolo in a press release, adding, “I grew up listening to bands like Green Day, Pennywise and Rise Against and now we are on the same bill with them, hanging out and seeing everything from the other side.” After playing dozens of shows across the country, the band then released their album, Loss of Desire with the help of their new bassist, Chris Bowman.

Drive A started 2009 by making it into the iconic music magazine the Alternative Press. They are also slated to play in AP’s tour and the Bamboozle Fest. “Touring is the life’s blood of this band,” says Mascolo. “Recording and everything else is cool, but we are a live band and that is the best way to experience Drive A.”

To hear some of the intense rock tracks, listen to the free streaming music below.
Christa Fletcher

“Are You Blind”

“Everyone’s Alone”

“Head Underwater”

“Loss of Desire”

“Smiling with Hate”




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