Driver’s Licenses and Graduation


Among Texas Governor Rick Perry’s many education initiatives is the recent proposal that teen drivers should have to prove that they’re on track to graduate from high school, or earn a GED, before they’re allowed to apply for a driver’s license.

“I believe that in order for high school-aged individuals to get and keep a driver’s license they should be enrolled in school, be it bricks and mortar or our virtual high school, and, most importantly, working toward their diploma or GED,” said Governor Perry.

“This approach will not only give local school districts another tool in their efforts to reduce dropouts. It will also give students an incentive to do the work that will prepare them to compete in the workforce.”

In many states, there are already laws restricting teen drivers from being in the car after dark, or from having other distractions while driving like too many passengers or cell phone use. Plus, 19 states connect issuing licenses with proof of attending school, including Alabama, where a law similar to the one proposed in Texas is already in effect.

Is this fair? Should teen driving be restricted to those who can prove they’re responsible enough to complete their education? We want to hear from you. Cast your vote in the poll, then share your opinion about driving privileges in the comments section below.

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