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maggie rulli
February 12, 2014

Driving Selfies


Scott: Alright, look, Maggie and I are not new to selfies. I mean, we take them all the time. Though, you do much more than I do.

Maggie: Okay. This is probably true, but have you heard of this one – the driving selfie? It is pretty much what it sounds like. You are driving and you take a selfie. Well, apparently, they have become so popular that AAA has had to issue a warning about the dangers of the driving selfie.

Just take a look at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Millions of selfies! Now, take a closer look and you will find the #drivingselfie.

Girl: I’ve even had friends send me driving selfies – selfie videos of them driving.

Girl: They think they’re cute. You know, they get a hundred likes, you know, being in the car with a seatbelt.

Maggie: Instagram shows nearly six thousand pictures and videos under the driving selfie hashtag, more than three-and-a-half thousand for #drivingtoschool, and over on Twitter, a search for #drivingselfies turns up thousands of more pictures.

The more time spent taking selfies means the less time spent with eyes on the road, and that leads to distracted driving. Bad news for drivers on the road.

Doug Shupe: We know that taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds actually doubles your chances of being involved in a crash.

Maggie: AAA spokesperson Doug Shupe explains the dangers, saying that more than 660,000 drivers use their cell phones on the road and 12% of the deadly crashes in 2011 involved distracted driving. That is more than 3,300 deaths, according to the Department of Transportation. And it is why AAA is urging those taking driving selfies to put the camera down until arriving at a safe destination.

Shupe: Make sure that you are completely focused on the road ahead.

Maggie: And it is not just AAA. Toyota recently launched the campaign ‘Don’t Shoot and Drive,’ showing that no matter what filter you use, a wrecked car can’t be fixed with Instagram. And many others agree, saying the so-called selfie is not worth your life or the life of someone you may hit.

Girl: I think it’s a little dangerous, yeah! Yeah, you should be probably watching the road while you’re driving.

Girl: Driving and taking pictures? That’s not real cool.

Maggie: And if you focus on the road while you are driving, it means you will have plenty of time for selfies once you are off the road.

Scott: Yes. Where it is safer for everyone involved.


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