Edgy Veggies

by Karen Knapstein

Taking a cue from the people behind the Got Milk? campaign, recently, a bunch of carrot farmers (really, that’s what they’re calling themselves!) tried something clever. Instead of selling their product, in this case, sweet, crunchy and yes, healthy, baby carrots in the usual, dull plastic bag found in the produce section, they fixed them up to look like something a little more fun. Namely, junk food. 

The new bags and commercials play off usual advertising ploys and encourage people to “Eat ‘em like junk food!” Considering that carrots contain Vitamin A and C in much higher quantities than another neon orange “snack” we can think of, and they really do help you see better, it might not be a bad idea. If you need more convincing, they’ve even created a Facebook page where carrot lovers everywhere can discuss their fave snack or lunchtime side dish. 

So, does the packaging make the product? Are you more likely to snag a bag of good-for-you carrots if they’re presented in a snappy little snack bag? Chew on this and vote!

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