Endangered Species

Every day animal populations around the globe are dwindling. Between the effects of climate change, poaching, and trade – many of these species might not be around much longer.

Test your endangered species knowledge in a quiz or simply look at photos of some of the most beautiful animals in danger of extinction.


Endangered Species Quiz

Find out which animals are at risk and why.


Status: Threatened

The great hunter of the Arctic was added to the threatened list in 2006. The species faces dramatic reductions in habitat-- polar ice caps-- over the next 50 years. Other threats include pollution, oil and gas exploration, and poaching.


Status: Critically Endangered

Habitat loss has cut the parrot's suitable living environment to a small patch of jungle growth in Colombia's Andes, making the bird one of the world's most endangered creatures.


Status: Critically Endangered

The large freshwater fish is threatened by fishing and habitat loss caused by environmental degradation.


Status: Least Concern

The eagle was downgraded to least concern after population recovery programs proved successful. The European population (which accounts for 50-74% of the global population), is estimated at 5,000 to 6,000 pairs.


Status: Vulnerable

The lemur has experienced drastic population declines as a result of deforestation in their native environment.


Status: Vulnerable

There has been a 7–20% decline in hippo populations in the past decade. Over the next 30 years, it is likely the population will have depleted by about 30%. Main threats are hunting, poaching and habitat destruction in Africa.


Status: Endangered

The Sri Lankan mammal's seen drastic drops in population size -- a result of habitat destruction, and the loss of forest cover to urban development.


Status: Vulnerable

Overfishing has thrust this once widespread shark species onto the threatened list.


Status: Vulnerable

It's highly-restricted habitat-- the forests of Vier Gebroeders Mountain, Suriname-- has forced the amphibian onto the threatened species list. Fire and poaching are direct causes.


Status: Near Threatened

Population declines in Philippines, Mexico, India and Indonesia, caused by fishing pressure and pollution, is edging the ray closer to extinction.


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