February 18, 2012
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Every Avenue


“It was fun…if it wasn’t, there’s really no reason to do it,” shared Every Avenue’s David Strauchman in a recent phone interview. The topic? Band class.

He, like a lot of young musicians, played in the school band. “I loved music and I wanted to be around it. I was on the drumline.” Though they did make their first album over one winter break while still in high school, it wasn’t until after graduation that he started taking the band more seriously. “We started booking our own tours and getting our name out there. We released it ourselves and put in on Myspace — we really took advantage of the internet. It makes it easy to share your personality,” and get the word out about show or an album.

Shortly after the release, they found they had “created a buzz” and Fearless (their record label) asked them to record a second. Fast forward to today — the third album Bad Habits is now out and they’re headed for the U.K. for a quick tour before heading out on the road in the U.S. this fall — a big deal for a bunch of guys from Michigan (except drummer Dennis Wilson). As for the music itself, “we all hate writing lyrics. We work together, but when it comes to lyrics, it’s something I’d rather do by myself.” But once that part is done, “everyone writes their own parts” so it ends up being pretty collaborative.

When asked about what he would tell a young musician, David’s advice is to not give up. “Don’t turn down a show. Don’t let money be an issue when you’re starting out. I was broke for four years, but in the end, hard work does pay off.”

“Fall Apart”

“Only Place I Call Home”

“Watch the World”

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