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Dislike exercising outside or at the gym? That’s ok, you can still get a work out with these great games.


Use the hand-held controller and TV sensors to play Wii games and Wii Sports like tennis, boxing and bowling. It's low impact so it's great for beginners and fun for the whole family -- even granny can bust a move!


The Wii now has an additional component called the Wii Fit, which is a new game and a pressure-sensitive Wii Balance Board. The fitness games analyzes your movements, gives you tools to improve your health and exercise routine, while provided fun moves from your living room.

According to the American Heart Association, 70% of Americans are completely sedentary, making them at risk to heart disease and obesity. And, now that the AHA has endorsed the Wii programs, like Wii Fit, they are promoting fitness to help people live healthier lives.

Will you join the exercise Wii-volution? If not, we have more games for you...

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If you're more of an Xbox 360 fan, Kinect is the new exercise gaming plan for you. With Kinect, users interact with the video game using their body as the controller. Sensors monitor movements while playing games where your avatar can skateboard and play sports.

However, Kinect also has exercise games that analyze your posture and movements to help you improve your form and fitness. The game acts like a personal trainer, making sure you get the exercise and results you want. Some of the video games include dance routines while others are inspired by TV shows related to fitness.

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DDR was first introduced in Japanese arcades and eventually made its way to the U.S. It became so popular here that the company designed pads that can be used at home on a variety of systems. Whether you join in on a dance at the arcade, or at home, DDR is a hilarious way to stay in shape and listen to catchy beats.

How does it work? Use your feet to press the four arrows to the beat of the music and dance your way to a great fitness routine!


Gyms across the country are beginning to replace conventional stationary bikes with these new virtual bike ride systems. Just hop on your bike and ride through the woods, along the coast and even take time out to slay dragons! Soon, you'll forget you're exercising at all.


Virtual Baseball comes with a real bat -- the better your swing, the better your player will do. You don't have to run from base to base, but you'll still work up a sweat swinging away.

You can also find virtual tennis and a boxing game that comes with gloves.


It's probably as close as you'll get to being inside a video game yourself: The Trazer allows you to wear a waste band that will mimic your movements. You jump right, your player jumps right. Jump up, the player jumps up. It's that simple to work your way to a more fit you.


Stand up and pull or push a controller, which can steer a car, boat or bike. Doesn't sound like much work? It burns 350 calories an hour.

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