Explorin’ with Lauren: Kennedy Space Center

I recently took a trip to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It’s just an hour away from the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World. At Kennedy Space Center they have taken space to an interactive and fun new level.

My first advice to you is to not get there as soon as it opens, which is at 9:00 am.
Normally, there are school field trips taken to KSC, and a mile long of school kids waiting to get their ticket to enter. If you get there later all the kids will be through the lines and already in the center, but don’t worry, you barely run across groups.

Some people aren’t as into space as others. Which is O.K., but KSC interests all ages and lifeforms! Every 30 minutes (more or less) there is an IMAX video about the training and journey to space. You can walk trough a real space craft that went in space also! There is also a shuttle launch pad tour that takes about two hours.

There are museums with hands on objects. Another fun amusement is the Rocket Garden, full of various types of, well, the name explains it — rockets. My all time favorite thing to do at KSC is the Shuttle Launch Experience. It’s not really a rocket launch, but a simulator that let’s you experience what it’s like inside the shuttle for a real launch.

A fun option to plan while you are there is Lunch with an astronaut. You have to book this in advanced, but you get a delicious buffet lunch and get to listen to a real astronaut talk about how they became an astronaut and how their life has been.

Kennedy Space Center is a really interesting place to visit. Don’t be hesitant to go!

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