Explorin’ with Lauren: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Recently, I had the chance to visit the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter located inside Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. This theme park inside a theme park welcomes all ages and even non-Harry Potter fans.

The park is normally busy, so your best bet is to go as soon as it opens.
With that being said, lines are normally long, but it is definitely worth the wait.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter offers three rides, the most popular being Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. It brings to life Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is amazing. This intense ride brings you, along with Harry, Hermione and Ron on a simulated broom ride that takes you though Dumbledore’s office, the halls of Hogwart’s, and more. It’s a thrilling, heart beating, racing ride that you will come off coming saying, “THAT WAS AWESOME!” It’s must do. I do recommend getting in line as soon as possible because of the line, but you will be entertained while you wait since there are lots of interactive elements along the way.

If you are not a rollercoaster fan you won’t be left behind. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter offers an enormous selection of shopping — seeing almost everything you can imagine from the movie and books make you feel as if you’re walking in Hogsmeade as you shop and explore. You can find a wide selection from Ollivander’s Wand Shop (where the wand chooses you), Honeydukes Sweetshop, Filch’s Emporium, Zonko’s, Dervish and Banges and more. Believe it or not, there are also long lines to get into the stores, so be prepared.

Finally, The Wizarding World features street shows, such as Singing Frogs, which you can watch as you drink a pumpkin juice or Butterbeer. If you get hungry while in the park, you can dine at The Three Broomsticks. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a great place to go for any occasion.

Check out the slideshow below for pics of the experience and some of my best tips for making the most of your time there.


Start by taking a photo at the Hogwart's Express to remember your adventure in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is an intense ride, but the best I've ever been on.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter only allows a certain number in the area at a time. Get there early so you can enjoy the rest of your day, or wait until after 3pm when the crowds aren't so big.

This is me and my brother line.


Warnings for The Forbidden Journey


Mandrake plants along the path for the Forbidden Journey ride.


If you ride Flight of the Hippogriff, be sure to check out Hagrid's Hut.


Butterbeer is cheaper when not getting the souvenir mug, but the mug is great to reuse at home.


You can get wands and other Harry Potter gifts at the shop located near Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure entrance.


If possible, stay at a Universal Orlando hotel. You'll get to enter the park an hour before the park opens.

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