The Associated Press
November 8, 2013

Factories, retail, restaurants add jobs in October

October’s surprisingly strong month of hiring was spread across a diverse group of industries, led by solid gains at factories, retail stores, restaurants and state governments.

U.S. factories added 19,000 jobs, helped by another robust month of hiring at companies that make long-lasting manufactured goods. The figures support other surveys that show a rebound in manufacturing after a weak spring. Manufacturers have now created 38,000 jobs in the past three months, making up for nearly all of the jobs the industry lost from March through July.

Construction firms had another healthy month of hiring, despite higher mortgage rates that have slowed home sales. Payrolls rose 11,000 in October. The industry has added an average of 15,400 new jobs a month in the past year.

Many of the job gains last month were in some of the economy’s lowest-paying sectors: Retailers added 44,400 jobs; restaurants created 29,300; and hotels brought on nearly 8,000 more employees.

Government shed 8,000 workers. Federal agencies cut 12,000 jobs, although the decline was unrelated to the shutdown. Local governments lost 3,000 positions, most of which were in education. But state governments added 7,000 employees.

Here’s a look at the jobs added or lost in each major industry category:

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