Christa Fletcher
July 24, 2013
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Fall From Grace


Dubbed “the band that will not die,” the members of Fall from Grace are anything but dead. Touted as wild and energetic performers, this punk band will not only make you want to mosh, they’ll help you solve your problems too. We’re not just talking about lyrics you can relate to — this band connects with fans on a deeper level.

After all of the hardships the band has faced — from brothers Brian and Ken Olson who not only suffered a difficult childhood, but had to cope with Brian’s near fatal car crash that put him in a coma — to drummer Kenny Bates who became epileptic from vaccines he received when he joined the army — the band is eager to counsel fans and help them through the emotional challenges they face.

No doubt, it’s tough for Fall from Grace to answer every email and letter they receive, especially since they’ve become more popular–but they do. In fact, the band mates, who consider themselves more like family, divvy up the “Dear Abby” style letters from fans.

For Tryg Littlefield, who emancipated himself from his abusive mother when he was 12-years-old, dealing with teen issues is important. He was always inspired by musicians, so when Fall From Grace began performing, he immediately connected with people by giving out his phone number and answering emails. “We’ve saved lives,” said Littlefield.

In addition to sharing advice, the band frequently tours.

Fall from Grace also made an appearance on Fuse reality TV show, Bodog Battle of the Bands, which they ended up winning (though they do not like reality television).

With their new million-dollar record deal with Bodog Music, by the grace of the band’s goodness, we can all look forward to hearing more from Fall From Grace.

For more on this compassionate band, check out their exclusive interview with us. You can also listen to some of their songs and click through the slideshow below.

Audio Interview

I Can’t Win


King of Lies


Meet the Band

Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar: Tryg Littlefield

Lead Guitar & Vocals: Brian Olson

Bass & Vocals: Ken Olson

Drums & Vocals: Kenny Bates


Home Base: Seattle, Washington

Would-be Mascot: The phoenix, which goes along with the band members' difficult past and "rising from the ashes of adversity."

Claim to Fame: Winner of the Bodog Battle of the Bands


Lyrics: "Burned"

Pick a side, you made your mind up long ago

The past is dead, but in your head it's hard to let it go

Excuses made no longer will define you (define you)

Empty threats have hung you once again

With open eyes you tranquilize your confidence

Room is black no looking back, the cost of self expense

Step away and look inside your sickness (sickness)

And realize you're all alone

When the world that you created

Makes you fall face down and meet your bitter end

And you're sifting through the wreckage

You can build it up or burn it down again

Lined up all your sins and then you shot them one by one

You sacrificed your common sense, it's over said and done

Deception and disaster always find you (find you)

And leave you dying all alone

In the darkest shadow, will you find your way

Is there hope or are you stuck here in this

World that you created, when you fall face down and meet your bitter end

And you're sifting through the wreckage

You can build it up or burn it down again


Lyrics: "Pictures on the Wall"

Pictures on your bedroom wall, casting visions see me fall

All the lies I can't ignore, I’ve heard this all before

And I never did say goodbye, all the times I made you cry

Everything's for sale, you're all alone, left without a soul

I gave my life, you stole what's mine, this last goodbye

(Why don't you)

Tear my pictures off your wall

You don't deserve me looking at you anymore

I left dying, drained from trying

Left my heart bleeding on the floor

(Like every time before)

And the look in your face was sad, your kiss and scent it drove me mad

On hands and knees you don't deserve me looking at you anymore

Your glass was always half empty, turmoil always trapping me

In the end I can't let go

My life, never tried to, what's mine, left behind you

Tear those tainted pictures off your wall

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