February 28, 2012
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First Aid Kit


“We grew up just outside of Stockholm, and in Sweden, even that close to a city you’re always close to nature — to a forest or a river,” shared Clara Soderberg, who, with her sister Johanna, make up First Aid Kit. Their father was a professional musician, she explained, and so we had recording equipment and instruments in the house. “When I was twelve, I got into country and folk — Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, Graham Parsons — and I picked up a guitar and started writing.”

When they were 14 and 16, they played their first show, and things have been happening steadily since, including a trip to Nebraska last year, where they recorded their latest, The Lion’s War with Bright Eyes’ Mike Mogis. They’re now on tour in the U.S., which they enjoy. “Playing live tells you what people respond to, and it actually inspires me to write more.” As for writing, “I usually have lyrics first — a message in my mind and it helps set the mood, but the process is never the same for any song.”

As for advice, Clara says “everytime someone ask me this, I give a really cliched answer,” but since it’s a cliche question, we’ll share her not-so-clich-after-all answer. “Believe in yourself when you’re writing.” Simple as that.



“King of the World”




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