Karen Knapstein
November 7, 2013

Five Found Paintings


On Tuesday, more than 1,400 works of art that were labeled as “degenerate” before being seized and sold by the Nazis in the prelude to WWII were recovered from a Munich, Germany apartment.

Check out the slideshow for a look at a few of the recovered paintings.


"Village Girl with a Goat" by Gustav Courbet

The painting is one of two known paintings of the same subject by the 19th-century French realist. Art historian Meike Hoffmann, who is helping the investigation, said it was long considered to be lost. Documents show that it was sold at an auction in 1949, so it only found its way into the collection after World War II.

riders on the beach

“Two riders on the beach” by Max Libermann

This work is of a favorite subject of the German painter that recurs repeatedly in his work. Investigators didn’t give details of the work’s history. Liebermann, who was Jewish, quit Germany’s Academy of Arts in 1933 after it decided no longer to exhibit works by Jewish artists. He died in 1935.


An untitled Marc Chagall

A depiction of an allegorical scene that isn’t contained in existing lists of work by the Jewish artist, who left France after the Nazi invasion, returned in 1948 and lived there until his death in 1985. Investigators haven’t yet cleared up where the piece came from.

otto dix self portrait

Otto Dix Self-Portrait

A self-portrait of the German expressionist and realist artist smoking. Hoffmann said she believes it was painted around 1919. She said the work was “completely unknown” to date.

horses in lanscape

"Horses in Landscape"by Franz Marc

Marc was a German painter and print maker and a key figure in the German expressionist movement. He was killed at the Battle of Verdun during WWI.

13 comments on “Five Found Paintings

  1. Hayley

    That is crazy that the found all of these paintings from a long time ago and i think it will be hard for them to find the paintings original owners

  2. Egbertorivera

    Give them to the people who Owen them so they can see haw there family in the back how they looked and they are pretty paintings and much important to them

  3. Amber

    It may be tough to find the oringnal owners because many may be dead. But, i think you try to at least get as many returned to the proper families and any missed may go to a museum or a private place….. all i can say is shame on Hitler since he had seprated the proper families from THEIR paintings. Nt im saying shame on Germans I only mean Hitler.
    – Amber
    P.S. I posted a comment on the Smart Skin. People go check the awsomeness out! Best for gamers and gamer chicks like me too!!


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