Karen Knapstein
February 13, 2014

Fly Away

If you’ve ever wanted to give your standard-issue paper airplane a little extra zoom, this idea for the next big thing might be for you.

The “PowerUp Smart Paper Airplane” kit lets you bid farewell to boring old paper only airplane and upgrade to something with a rudder, propeller and smartphone app. The battery lasts for about ten minutes before it needs a charge, which you handle by plugging it into your smartphone.

So, is honing your aeronautical engineering skills with your own super-charged paper airplane the next big thing? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think!

57 comments on “Fly Away

    1. andre

      these airplanes are very cool but the fact that it runs for 10 min. and probably has to charge from 1-2 hours doesn’t seem like a big whoop

    2. nick davis jr

      I think this is the next big thing because who wouldn’t want to be able to fly a paper airplane without it falling after a few seconds:)

  1. Gwendolyn Kelley

    it is so cool you could fly a paper airplane forever and it just keeps flying best paper airplane ever. I would buy it.

  2. Brianna

    I say no, because it would be a major pain to charge it every ten minutes, like the toy helicopters you buy at the mall. It’d be annoying to the people around you, and making a paper airplane is half the fun you experience with it, and in the end, it’s still just a paper airplane.

    1. Lucas

      I think that this is a cool idea because some people can’t make paper airplanes fly at all, so this is the solution.

  3. Arianna Drake

    I think the batteries would run out to fast it’s just a wast of time. Also what if you dint have a smartphone?

  4. Nathaniel

    I’m going to say no because it doesn’t have a regular controller so if you want it you have to get a smart phone and it last ten minutes so it’s like no. Fun

  5. Jesse Acosta

    Hey channel on I think the paper air plane should have a remote control and should Bluetooth to your phone to send battery to the propeller and it will last longer

  6. Elizabeth

    I say no because we can just make them our selfs and it only gos up to ten mins that suck you could be havering fun but then it goes off so yea

  7. jarred

    no I don’t think that the paper airplane is not the next big thing because the battery will die to fast and we could probably make our own .

  8. Axel Perez

    I think its a great idea, but as said it can survive only a few crashes. But overall i think its a great idea and kids will love it.

  9. dominic signore

    my paper plane is about to take flight. it be crusing so high all yall be outa sight. i be flying my paper plane everyday, everynight. I’ll let you fly my paper plane for a day in the life.

  10. Ha'aheo C

    This is such an amazing idea! I am very into airplanes, and getting a real RC aircraft can be very expensive. It’s a good way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Love it!

  11. Jasmine R

    I think that people will eventually just get sick and tired of using the same old thing. Especially having to charge it ever 10 minutes and what if it gets stuck in a tree ? what are we gonna do then ?

  12. Mabbie

    It defeats the purpose of a paper airplane. If you don’t know how to make one or they don’t fly then get help with it… CHEESE AND CRACKERS

  13. gianni signore

    paper plane why dont you work when i fold you, if you flew far away id adore you, if dominic is listin just know im born before you, channel one dont listin to dom he cant afford you. but i could buy ten cause i make them fat stacks of cash, dominic everyone knows your is trash

  14. Montana Baysden

    I think this is a great idea. In third grade for the after the E.O.G activities and I couldn’t get mine to fly.

  15. Annalee-Carson

    I really like the idea, but we all know that when something becomes big it doesn`t last very long. I`m thinking the same with this!

  16. matthew scott

    other then the flying car this is one of the most best inventions made yet! I don’t make paper airplanes much but with this, I don’t need to! yes this is the next big thing!

  17. Sierra-CC

    This is way amazing, I would not buy it but I would love to have someone buy it for me. This would be such a lovely gift for someone.

  18. victoria galvan

    the old invention of paper air planes has grown to this it is safe and is reusable I think this is a good invention.

  19. victoria

    this is a good idea but when the invention announcement was being made you can hear that it can only stand a COUPLE crashes what happens when there is more?

  20. Jessie Hendricks

    I think this airplane idea is terrible because it is a waste of time considering it only lasts ten minutes I bet you a pack of batteries cost less than this and they last longer


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