February 28, 2012
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Food Will Win the War


“There is a connection you experience as a band when a group of people is listening to you together,” shared Food Will Win the War’s front man Rob Ward in a phone interview. That’s just one way the band has of working out what they’re going to do, musically. The six band members came together over the course of a few years after following their own paths to New York. Their songs are written with the group in mind, Ward explained. “I come up with starting points for rehearsal, and we get together and decide if works for us. We play everything live quite a bit before we record,” he explained, so the band makes sure that what the audience responds to most makes it onto their albums.

On their latest, A False Sense of Warmth, the songs are about a few years in New York. “They span the gamut” and they’re about things as varied as “a literal interpretation of a dream” to “relationships” and “one is about a day in Red Hook, (Brooklyn).” Now on tour, they’re focused on booking dates, doing PR for those dates, planning travel, etc. etc. — the stuff that indie bands are made of.

His best advice if you want to pursue a career in music, is to “be persisent — the key to anything is hard work and commitment. Spending hours a day practicing” is worth it if you “end up doing what you want to do. Also, seek out people whose work you admire and learn from them.”

“Amassed Complications”

“Big Yellow”

“Clock All Day”

“Lie Awake”




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