October 24, 2013

Football Bullies?


Maggie: One Texas high school football team is known for winning – and winning big. But now, one parent is accusing that team’s coach of winning by too much, and even calling it a form of bullying. Scott Evans takes a look.

Scott: The Aledo Bearcats were simply too much for the Western Hills Cougars to handle last Friday, scoring touchdown after touchdown after touchdown. By the end of the game, the score was 91 to nothing. And Aledo improved its record to 7 and 0.

One parent from Western Hills was so offended they filed a formal online complaint against the entire Aledo coaching staff writing, ‘We all witnessed bullying firsthand; it is not a pretty sight.’ The unnamed parent even suggested the coach should have instructed his team to ease up.

Coach Tim Buchanan: I would never ask our kids not to play hard. I would never tell them – I would go out there and let them score. Now, that’s not what you want to teach kids.

Scott: The Bearcats’ head coach says that by halftime he did everything he could to keep the score down, even benching his starters and putting in second-string players. But the Bearcats, who once won the Texas championship three years in a row, are a powerhouse. The state’s 4th-ranked team usually outscores its opponents by 62 points a game.

But the game has sparked a nationwide debate on exactly what is bullying and does this situation seem to fit.

Student: I think it’s kind of like rubbing it in the other team’s face. I think they should have stopped at a certain point instead of scoring all those points.

Student: To lose 91 to 0 sounds really bad, but to say that this is case of bullying doesn’t make any sense at all. I mean, one team had to win, one team had to lose. And they lost.

Scott: Nadine Connell studies the impact of bullying. She says this case fails to meet the standard.

Nadine Connell: Bullying is not to be mistaken with the normal childhood disappointments, including something like losing a football game.

Scott: And many fans tend to agree, saying that what happened Friday night was an unfortunate blowout, not bullying.

Scott Evans, Channel One News.

Maggie: As a solution, school officials hope the team will be put in a different district next year, where they will teams that can offer tougher competition.


3 comments on “Football Bullies?

  1. Julia

    I don’t see how a team winning a football game could be bullying in any way. The and yes the score was high but the coach took out his best players so I don’t see that bullying in any way.


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