November 1, 2011

Football Good Sports

One football team invited a disabled player to up the team's score.

Shelby: Seventeen-year-old Patrick Myshrall is a one-of-a-kind player who is making a big impact on his high school football team.  Patrick has down syndrome, but he hasn’t let that stop him from missing a single practice or drill. He wears his jersey and number with pride.

Patrick Myshrall: My favorite player is Tom Brady. And some people say I look, kind of, better.

Shelby: The St. Peter football team is 6-and-2 this year, and last Friday, Patrick played in his first game. With a commanding lead, St. Peter’s had the game won. So, in the final minute, both teams gave Patrick the moment he has been waiting for. Patrick scored his first touchdown!

Patrick: Very exciting. All the people saying, ‘Go, Pat! Go, Pat! Go, Pat!’

Coach Tom Henrickson: Focus! Hard work! Let’s go!

Shelby: Head Coach Tom Henrickson says Patrick’s big play shows what sports is all about.

Coach Henrickson: Standing ovation on both sides; all the Doherty players were clapping, all of our kids. Not a dry eye in the stands.

Shelby: For Patrick, his teammates are more than friends; they are family.

Patrick: They are like brothers. They are very… They are very nice.

Shelby: So, whether he is scoring touchdowns or giving high fives, Patrick is leading others on and off the field.

Coach Henrickson: They’re bringing us all together as a family. And he’s showing us life is a gift.


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