October 16, 2012

Football Player & Homecoming Queen


Shelby: One high school senior in Florida has already made history on the football field.

And now she has another new honor to add to the list!

Erin Dimeglio has been making headlines as Florida’s first female varsity quarterback.

But last Thursday night, the senior was getting attention for an entirely different reason.

Erin and one of her teammates were named homecoming queen and king at the South Plantation High School’s homecoming game.

Erin Dimeglio: I was surprised that I won because a lot of girls in the school, like, they know a lot of people, so…

Shelby: The homecoming queen and king have a partnership on the field as well. He is one of the receivers on the team.

Hordly Seide: You know, Erin is known around the whole nation now. And for me to be up here with her, you know, it’s an honor. You know, Erin, she’s not just a teammate, she’s like my friend in the classroom.

Erin: Because we’re all a big family. So it’s, like… It’s really cool.

Shelby: Erin is also the first female varsity quarterback in Florida to complete a pass!


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