Christa Fletcher
January 31, 2012
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Forward Forward


While many teens may use their summer to fritter away time at the beach, by the pool or watching movies in their friend’s parent’s basement, the members of alternative rock band Forward Forward are spending the hot summer months writing songs and practicing in their Connecticut home studio. “We are pretty deep into the writing and demo process of our follow up album. Everything we write together we demo, so we have about 20-30 songs that we can archive,” said drummer and vocalist Zac Coe.

Each member of the band — Zac Coe, 17, Frick Murray, 19, Clancy Kelahan, 17, Brian Foarde, 18, and Zach Page, 16, — have been playing their chosen instrument for about eight or nine years. And, in high school they became more serious about starting a band. In 2008, the band recorded their self-titled debut album and started touring. Though there’s not much of a music scene in their area, some of the members went to the same high school as John Mayer.

Over the course of their concert tour, Forward Forward played with acts like Jared Scharff & The Royals, Tally Hall, Aeroplane, 1929, Jukebox The Ghost, The Republic Tigers and Care Bears On Fire. When they aren’t writing, recording and performing, the guys like to hang out together and play Call of Duty. “We have a strong friendship amongst everyone in the band,” said Frick Murray. “It’s no different when we hang out.”

Just your average teenage guys — right. This is not your average newbie band. Both Coe and Page worked on the Broadway musical “13.” And, Page has toured with Paul Green’s School of Rock All-Stars and Jon Anderson of Yes. We’re looking forward to all things from Forward Forward.

Christa Fletcher

“Historical Minds”

“My Computer Knows You’re Cruel to Me”


“Body Machine”

“The Brightest Lights”

“Forward Cryonics”

“A Newly Sobered Youth”


Meet the Band:

Zac Coe - Drums, Vocals
Frick Murray - Guitars, Vocals
Clancy Kelahan - Bass, Vocals
Brian Foarde - Guitars, Vocals
Zach Page - Guitars, Vocals



The Weakerthans
Death Cab For Cutie
Modest Mouse
The Faces
Okkervil River
Elvis Costello
Neutral Milk Hotel
Bruce Springsteen
The Killers

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The Octopus Project
Led Zeppelin
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Decemberists
Andrew Bird
Built To Spill
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Leonard Cohen
Townes Van Zandt
Neil Young


Want to connect with Forward Forward?

Myspace: Check Them Out Here!


Forward Forward based in Connecticut

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