January 15, 2014

Freedom of Religion


America is the land of the free. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens many rights, including the freedom of religion.

Unfortunately, despite our nation’s diversity in faith, new research shows that fifteen percent of American teenagers cannot name any of the major world religions. Even fewer can name the top five world religions.

How much do you know about faith in the U.S.? Take the “Faith in America” quiz, then watch videos that explore the topic.

From left to right, symbols of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism.

Faith in America

Do you know which religion is the fastest growing in the U.S.? Find out how much you know about different religions.


A look at the debate over spying on Muslims to prevent terror attacks.

DeSoto, Miss. is deciding whether to allow prayer before football games.

Schools are starting to recognize important Muslim holidays on their calendars.

A football coach fights for his right to pray with his athletes.

Should this symbol be called a Holiday Tree or a Christmas Tree? A look back ...

One teen in Illinois teen says a law violates the separation between church and the ...

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