How can I use the show in my class?

In addition to our award-winning daily current events programming, we also offer supplementary materials to help you expand and deepen each day’s learning experience. Subscribe to our teacher newsletter and receive a timely preview of upcoming content in your inbox, along with daily discussion prompts, assessment questions and a complete show transcript. On Fridays we add a weekly news quiz to the newsletter. You can always access these resources on the educator’s page.

After watching the show, use our discussion prompts to support student recall, connections and analysis. Follow up with our assessment and vocabulary activities.

We also invite you to share transcript copies with your class. ESL instructors, in particular, report that our transcripts offer meaningful scaffolding for their students. Our transcripts can also be effective as a daily, nonfiction reading exercise to inform a writing assignment.

Finally, our standards-aligned, interactive learning activities (coming soon!) integrate English Language Arts with content area learning, guided by the daily news content. These student-centered activities come with teachers’ notes and standards correlations for easy classroom implementation.

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