Gamers Propose Ceasefire

As with any tragic event like last week’s school shooting, part of the discussion after is about how to stop something like it from happening ever again. 

Some point to gun laws as a culprit and some to a flawed mental health care system, but many agree that a combination of those two factors, along with what some leaders have called “a culture of violence” promoted by television, movies and sometimes, video games, all contribute to the occurrence of mass shootings. 

Partially in response to that perception, Antwand Pearman, the CEO of GamerFitNation has called for a “ceasefire” on Friday in support of the victims of the shooting. The fast, he explained in a YouTube video, is less about agreeing that the games are partially responsible for what happened, but more of a simple way to show support to the community dealing with the aftermath of the shooting. 
<to be="" a="" part="" of="" the="" day,="" if="" you're="" playing="" online="" set="" your="" comment="" window="" to="" "osceasefire"="" and="" on="" social="" media="" site,="" use="" hashtag="" #osceasefire. 
Another interesting project started in the aftermath of the shooting is #26Acts. You can learn more about that project here. Will you participate in either? What else are you or people in your community doing to support Newtown and the Sandy Hook families? Tell us in the comments below. 

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