November 16, 2011

Geo-Week: Part three

Travel down the Nile with Justin Finch.

Justin: Hey, guys! I am Justin Finch coming to you from the Nile river, one of the longest rivers on earth. Now, it begins down at Lake Victoria down in the south, but do you know what sea it empties in to? That is your pop quiz question!

What sea does the Nile river empty into? Is it:

A. Mediterranean Sea

B. Aegean Sea

C. Black Sea

D. Red Sea

Take ten!

Time is up! If you guessed “A,” the Mediterranean Sea, you got it right! Good job! This was a tough one.

The Nile river flows in a south to north direction, from high ground to low ground, and it empties into the Mediterranean Sea, located just north of Egypt. It is one of the most travelled seas in the world, connecting Europe, Africa and the Mid-east.

If you guessed the Red Sea, you were close. It lies just to the right of Egypt.

The Black Sea is located to the north of Turkey and the Aegean Sea lies between Greece and Turkey.

Historically, the Mediterranean Sea was very important because it allowed ancient civilizations to establish trade in arts, literature and science. Today, more than twenty countries and territories rely on the Mediterranean Sea as a crucial part of their economy.


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