November 15, 2011

Geo-Week: Part two

Do you know what city Shelby is in?

Shelby: Hey, guys! I am in London and behind me is a famous landmark that hosted a big royal wedding this year. It is also the traditional place where British kings and queens are both crowned and buried. So where am i? Well, that is today’s pop quiz question.

Where are British monarchs traditionally crowned and buried? Is it:

A. Buckingham Palace

B. Clarence House

C. Westminster Abbey

D. Windsor Castle

You have got ten seconds.

Time is up! The answer is ‘C,’ Westminster Abbey. Officially named The Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster, this church has been at the center of British royal history for more than 1,000 years.

It is where sixteen royal couples have tied the knot, seventeen monarchs have been laid to rest, and thirty-eight kings and queens have been crowned. It has been the coronation church since Christmas day 1066 when William the Conqueror was crowned here. The most recent coronation took place nearly sixty years ago with a crown of glory and righteousness. It was the ceremony for the country’s current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Like Queen Elizabeth II, modern-day monarchs are crowned in the coronation chair. You might have seen it in the recent movie The King’s Speech.

In addition to hosting big royal events, like the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the church is also the resting place of more than 3,000 people. Some of the most famous names in British history are buried or commemorated in and around the abbey.

Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Jane Austen. Today, about one million tourists visit the church every year, and Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.


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