Karen Knapstein
October 24, 2013

Get Your Glow On

If you think of what you wear as a way to express yourself, this idea for the next big thing might take things to a whole other level.

LUM apparel lets you write on your clothes using light. All you need is a specially-treated shirt and a smart phone or small flashlight, and the rest is up to how creative you can get. Initially funded on Kickstarter, the creators, college students in San Francisco, say they got the idea in a brainstorming session and that they “wanted to create a product that would not only allow the wearer to stand out but also allow them to express themselves and their creativity.”

So, is this an idea that’s here just in time for Halloween? Vote in the poll and tell us if LUM is the next big thing!

147 comments on “Get Your Glow On

    1. Jonathon Long

      Yes, because you won’t have to spend too much money on shirts with different designs, instead just add a picture of myou on a shirt.

    2. Jordyn Reidhead

      I think that it will be the next big thing! Kids going into middle school might not want to dress up, but still hangout with friends! The new shirt can be something fun instead of normal clothes!!!!

      1. Madyson

        I think that this is an awesome idea and it will be the next big thing so the people who said no was wrong who wouldn’t want to glow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. nikki -marter

      I think that its a good idea because its a great way to express yourself and it look fun wen you have a glow in the dark party with all your friends and wen you have to be quit at night or something you and your friend can talk with out talking :)

    4. Ellie Larson

      I think get your glow on would be great for sleepover parties and any other night time events… It looks like it can be used by all ages… So adults, get YOUR glow on… and of course kids too

  1. 2013-9-26-Krista-

    Get Your Glow On is probably the next big thing, because you can write what you want on your shirt & be as creative as you want:)

  2. Andrea W.

    I think it’s neat but not worth it. People don’t usually get the opportunities to go to some sort of glow in the dark place and so buying a whole bunch is just a waste of money.

  3. Megan

    Sounds fun! Get your glow on!! Might even try it on my dogs clothes!!
    READY FOR HALLOWEEN! An my birthday its this weekend

  4. Kate Rampy

    I love this idea. I love the fact you can create your own shirt with light! I don’t know why this wasn’t thought of before. This is definitely the next big thing!

  5. Shelby

    Awsome the next big thing is right in front of us now I could put my fav pic on my shirt. Yay so exited so getting this.

  6. lindee

    time to get my glow on …… i love halloween this will be a great idea for next year totally the next big thing!!!


    this is so cool after every time i go on this in school i see the next big thing and i think this is the best so far this will be so cool to have for parties or activities

  8. Amanda Shive

    This is awesome! It would be sooo much fun
    For birthday party’s and fun events!!! I want one!
    And they are cheap!!!!!!

  9. Iule

    LUM Apparel isn’t that impressive because they already have glow in the dark fabric paint that you can use to make t-shirts and such. Yet, the LUM Apparel seems like its something that will catch on. It seems convenient enough. There is no paint needed, you can flash a favorite pic in there, and it even lasts for about 15 minutes. So you can always reuse the shits while still wearing new designs.

  10. maddison-hobbs

    I think its a great favorite part about the glow shirt is that u can put pictures on it. And it erases in 15 min. so u can rewrite over and over again.

  11. heather

    yes this is the next big thing because people can write cool things on their shirt and and all you have to do is shine a smart phone on it I will definitely will be trying it out

  12. Carly Cooper

    That is so cool! I would use it all night! I would totally use it for pictures of course of my=e and my friends together It is a definite YES! from me :)

  13. Carly Cooper

    I love it! I would use it all night and I would put pictures of me and my friends together smiling or even doing the duck-face haha ;)

  14. Tyler

    Why do you need something that’s glows only in the dark to express your feelings when you can express your feelings with words

  15. Phoebe Smith

    This is definitely The Next Thing because now I don’t have too spend $40-$60 on my costume and I can wear it to school. I can also wear it to slumber parties, that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!

  16. Karli-Grimsley

    This is definitely the next big thing, because we can write things on each other without our friends even knowing!

  17. Britney

    This is surely the next big thing it’s a fun way to personalize a average shirt and this will keep kids safe from any disaster such as car crashing Halloween is a dark spooky night and what better way to keep safe and fun

  18. Kamryn-Tarver

    I think it is a bad idea. If you have the freedom to put whatever you want on your shirt, it could be a problem. People could write harmful messages on your shirt and it could hurt someone. Maybe you think people won’t do that, but the things that happen in life are always unexpected, right?

    - Kamryn Tarver

  19. Elizabeth May

    The Glow shirts are cool but I wouldn’t buy one. Because it doesn’t seem cool enough to go out of your way to buy one.

  20. Emily peltzer

    I do think that the glow shirt is the next big thing because people like me love to draw and putting it on a shirt and getting to change it is awesome

  21. Ellie larson

    I think get your glow on is DEFINITELY the next big thing. It can be used for sleepovers and any other night time events. It looks like it can be used by all ages so adults…. Go get YOUR glow on…. And of course kids too

  22. Elizabeth C.

    Do I think this is the Next Big Thing? YES! it’s fitting for all ages and Kids will love to play with it. And It’s perfect for sleepovers with your friends. So everybody get there glow on!

  23. Emma K.

    I really think this is the next big thing, I mean who wouldn’t want a shirt that you could write on. it would be perfect for Halloween, sleepovers, or just hanging out this is one awesome shirt

  24. Claire Witmer

    This is totally the next big thing. It helps humans creativity just drawing with a flashlight or smart phone. Its perfect for Halloween!!

  25. Darkus Relling

    I’m sure this thing would make a good idea, considering you don’t have to buy so many designs for T-Shirts. I like it.

  26. Jacob Roossien

    I think the glow will be good if you need to see in the dark and if you need to have a fun party so lights out!

  27. Gabe Phillips(NGE)

    Umm……..this was made by college people, couldn’t they spend they time making useful things? Not pointless Crap?

  28. Michael

    Give me the glow, I want to make my classmates go whoa!!!!! they are going to freak out when they see my glow at school!!!!!!!!!

  29. Ayonna Washington

    i think this is a great idea. It gives students like us more time to be doing something instead of being on there bottom all day. ANd i want one that is channel one!! :)


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