Cassie Hudson
October 18, 2013

Get Your Impact On: Nursing Home Edition

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to help your community, look no further than your local nursing home.

Nursing homes are filled with elders who, for a variety of reasons, have trouble living on their own. If you have a grandparent or family member living in a nursing home, you know how happy they can be to spend time with visitors. So, what better way to volunteer than getting to know some of these wonderful and interesting people?

There are a variety of ways you can lend a hand at a nursing home. Many establishments are looking for volunteers to not only assist in the day-to-day activities of the facility, but also those who can spend time with, and entertain, the residents.

Here are three creative ways you can organize a fun night for your local nursing home:

  • Host a Game Night. Grab your friends, a few Monopoly boards (or packs of cards!) and head over to the nursing home cafeteria. Just be sure to call beforehand so they know to expect you!
  • Perform a Play or Musical. In a school or community play? Before you end your run, take it to your local nursing home! Or, if you and your friends are putting together your own show, why not practice your lines in front of a live, engaged audience?
  • Sing Carols for the Holidays. Who doesn’t love holiday music? Both listening — and, when the opportunity presents itself, singing it. If you’re the same (how could you not be?), bring your best Mariah voice and spend an evening caroling with your holiday-loving friends, family and this grateful community.

Lesson? Volunteering at a nursing home can actually be fun and games. And singing!




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