Garth Hale is a teenager with a nameless, incurable disease and a mother who refuses to give up, whether it’s in fighting his disease or rescuing him from Ghostopolis, where he ends up when he gets caught up in a chase between a citizen of this mysterious underworld and a hapless enforcer of it’s rules.

That enforcer, Frank Gallows, also refuses to give up when he realize he’s zapped Garth into Ghostopolis, where a human won’t survive long surrounded by ghosts and the other creatures who live there, especially the underground ruler hungry for the power Garth discovers he possesses when he finds the ghost of his grandfather, Cecil. Will Frank arrive in time to save Garth? Or will he be trapped in Ghostopolis forever?

Gothic illustrations and clever characters, including a bony horse named Skinny, make for a compelling adventure in the latest from this acclaimed author.

About the Author

Doug TenNape is an author and illustrator of grahpic novels. He is 6’8″, which makes him stand out from the crowd in Glendale, CA, where he lives with his family. He first became interested in illustrating in the 6th, but thought the detail work required to become an animator was little much, though he worked in video games and cartoons before finding his way to books. His other work includes Iron West and Earthboy Jacobus.

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