February 15, 2012
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Girls Who Rock


“What we really want to do,” explained Girls Who Rock and She’s the First founder Tammy Tibbets in a phone interview, “is connect our supporters with the lives of these girls.”

What better way to find common ground than through music? Girls Who Rock is an annual concert that takes place during Internet Week in New York City (Not in NYC? No worries, it streams live!) that benefits She’s the First. Their goal is to help girls around the world succceed, and become the first at something in their community, their country and even the world. The best way to help girls be the first is to support their eduction, for example, Arlington Academy of Hope in Uganda.

And what about the girls who rock themselves? This year, the lineup of eight musicians includes KimberlyNichole, Eddy (catch a sneak preview of songs “Wishes in the Dark” and “Rise Up” here!) and Nikki Jean who are all about empowering girls to be the first at whatever it is they want to accomplish.

The other thing they have in common, shared Tibbets, is that they’re a part of “a group of young professionals with heart and talent — it blows me away what people under thirty can do with the energy they’re channeling into this movement.” It’s not just people under thirty either, it’s also people under 18, like YouTube Star HelloKatyXO, who is helping to get the word out about the concert on her channel.

Want to get involved? You can by telling someone about Girls Who Rock and She’s the First, listening below and learning more about girl’s education in the developing world here.

“Rise Up”

“Wishes in the Dark”

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