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July 31, 2013
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If you’ve seen photos of this band, you probably thought they were the cast of a hit new CW show. But Gloriana is actually a pop-country foursome from Nashville, Tennessee with a whole lot of heart and genuine musical talent.

The band formed in 2007 when Tom Gossin and Mike Gossin (vocals, guitar), were joined by members Rachel Reinert (vocals, tambourine) and Cheyenne Kimball (vocals, mandolin). “We had never combined our duo with a female voice before,” says Mike about first finding Rachel, “but singing with her gave us that high harmony and opened us up to something new.”

And, once Cheyenne joined the band, it was complete. “The three of us definitely felt we had something special,” says Rachel, “but when Cheyenne came into the picture, the four-part harmony completed us. Her skills on the mandolin, combined with the guys’ guitar talent helped us to replicate the group’s live sound. It felt complete.”

The next few months were a lot of work for the band, rehearsing and sending a demo to Emblem Music Group. “We spent the next six months getting our songs and our live sound together,” says Tom. “We accomplished a lot, working non-stop, playing shows, making sure we were tight and ready to go.”

The band’s hard work paid off. They blew away the record label, immediately gaining their help to work with top songwriters in Nashville as they also began making the songs their own. Soon after, Gloriana hit the stage to test out their new material before hitting the studio to release their debut album. “Playing for a live audience helped us to know what worked and what didn’t work,” said Cheyenne. “It really was valuable to do that before entering the studio.”

“By the time we went into the studio we knew exactly what we were doing and how we wanted the songs to sound,” adds Rachel. “Guess you could say that the fans helped us to make this record.”

In August of 2009, Gloriana released their self-titled album, which was well-received with critical acclaim and award nominations, including a win for “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” at the American Music Awards.




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