April 30, 2013

Glory Road: Kyle Patrick


Scott: In today’s Glory Road, one member of a power pop band from Boston has fans all around the world, especially the ladies! But now the singer is trying to use his popularity to raise awareness about a very serious problem. He can dance, he can do accents and, oh yeah, he can sing pretty good too! That is Kyle Patrick of the band The Click Five.

Kyle Patrick: I get nervous all the time. Yeah, I get really, really nervous. I used to always say I don’t get nervous. Not anymore. I just own the nervousness.

Scott: But Kyle wasn’t always serenading packed houses.

Kyle: My dad brought me home a guitar from Mexico. When he gave it to me, I apparently wouldn’t put it down. I’d just be upstairs in my little room just, like, playing it all day. I don’t know if they were like. ‘we gotta get this kid out of our house because he’s playing the same terrible terrible music’ or if they were like, ‘wow. he’s got something.’ I’m not sure which one but, anyway, they put me into lessons.

“I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain.”

Scott: Those lessons paid off. After high school, Kyle enrolled in the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. And there, he was scouted by Atlantic Records to join The Click Five.

Kyle: Basically, hit the road right after that. We did a tour with Hilary Duff, and we did a tour with The Black Eyed Peas.

Scott: So, kind of a trial by fire, wouldn’t you say?

Kyle: Exactly.

Scott: Sink or swim?

Kyle: Get in there. Do it. Be awesome.

Scott: Whenever they can, The Click Five travels to perform for some of their biggest fans — to the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia,

Kyle: It’s crazy. We’re like The Beatles. I can’t compare myself to The Beatles.

Scott: But it is not just any performance in Cambodia. The Click Five performs to benefit MTV Exit, an organization that spreads awareness to end human trafficking.

Kyle: Human trafficking is being forced into a situation, forced labor or forced sex slave. And I say slave because it’s basically modern day slavery. They have these aspirations to provide for their families, that dream to have a job is exactly what the traffickers prey on. Like this man who wanted to provide for his family. But instead he was forced to work on a fishing boat for more than three years getting no pay and no chance to escape.

Scott: As an MTV Exit celebrity ambassador, Kyle not only performs concerts to bring attention to human trafficking, he visits shelters where trafficking victims live.

Kyle: We noticed that people started to forget where they were and they started to feel comfortable, I guess, and for those four minutes, we feel they started to forget all they had been through.

Scott: He is taking that idea one step further with his latest music project. As a solo artist, Kyle is donating a percentage of his solo album sales to the Cambodian shelter where he performed.  Kyle hopes his music, his way of giving back, will have an impact on the world for maybe more than four minutes.


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