September 8, 2011

Glory Road: Rebecca Neuenswander Welsh

Learn how this Tae Kwon Do champ is changing the world.

Shelby: She is a lover and a fighter, and she is helping orphans around the world. In today’s Glory Road, we are introducing you to a mixed martial artist who was inspired by another kind of art. Check it out.

You could say Rebecca Neuenswander Welsh was determined. When she was a teen, she saw the movie Karate Kid and decided to learn martial arts. And just six years later, she became the world champion in Tae Kwon Do. She turned her skills into an acting career, playing an underground prizefighter in the film Fight Night. Her martial arts competitions took her around the world and in 2002, Rebeccca went on a mission trip to Honduras. It was there her life took an unexpected turn.

Rebecca Neuenswander Welsh: I encountered a girl named Daisy. She was living on the streets. She’s six years old. She was begging on the streets. And I’m thinking, ‘how do I live a six hour flight from here my whole life and I have no idea this is going on?’

Shelby: Back home, Rebecca shared Daisy’s story with young people here in U.S. They were so moved, they started raising money to help, eventually sending $5,000 to orphans in Mexico. Soon, Rebecca began to receive artwork from them as a thank you.

Rebecca: We had all this artwork, and we decided to do an art auction because you sell a piece with a child’s story and it’s so powerful for people to be able to connect to that.

In 2005, Rebecca formed the charity Helping Art Liberate Orphans, or HALO.


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