GMOs: 101


When I first started my research for our series on Genetically Modified Organisms (G.M.O.s), I figured that if I talked to enough people, read enough articles, and listened to enough lectures, I could find some answers to the ongoing debate over the use and labeling of G.M.O.s. But I quickly found out that there are no easy answers in this controversy.

Opinions flared on each side, the number of angles to the debate seemed to grow exponentially, and for every fact that was presented — another fact was there to counter.

In the end, I realized we had to start at the beginning: with some G.M.O.s 101 — the science, the farmers, and the consumers like you. Because once you have the facts, it’s up to you to make up your own mind when it comes to whether or not you believe G.M.O.s are helpful or harmful to our future.

And if you wanna dig a little more, following are some of the most informative and easy to understand articles I found while researching this story.

So what do you think? Are G.M.O.s helpful or harmful?


18 comments on “GMOs: 101

  1. Brittney Jefferson

    Two times more food is being produced by today’s farmer than their parents did using less land, energy, water and fewer emissions, all thanks to GMOs.

  2. Serena-Kurtz

    I think It’s a great Idea to label the GMO foods. We have a right to know what is going into our bodies even when the Government doesn’t want to give us that right.

  3. Thunder Johnson

    The crops that don’t have G.M.O’s produce less and take up more space if the people who don’t like G.M.O. ever tried running a dairy farm with out it then they wouldn’t be talking!

  4. West Franklin MIddle School

    Seventeen out of twenty students in the 7A reading class of WFMS think GMO should be on the label if it is genetically altered. The class is uncertain of whether genetically altered foods are good for you or not.

  5. Teresa -Easterling

    Our class is following the GMO news segments, and we are working to form opinions based on the evidence in the reports. We plan to write expository essays that support either side, based on the news segments as well as additional research.

  6. Mrs. Smith's Class

    We think that GMOs are not harmful; in fact, they are beneficial because the DNA is extracted from food that we already eat, and it is only modified to fit the needs of a growing population. We will need GMOs for the added nutrients of today’s and tomorrow’s societies.

  7. Lucas

    I don’t know about you, but I actually want to know what I am putting into my body. We deserve to know what were buying at the store.

  8. McKenna

    I think foods with GMOs should be labeled. Even if they are proved not harmful, we still deserve the right to know what we’re putting into our bodies.

  9. niki

    if its gmo everyone has the right to know. the only reason i can think of them not letting us know about the gmo products is because they know something that we don’t know and they’re trying to hind it from us. i mean it would kind of make a lot of sense here for as far as it goes (which is not that far).

  10. tessa

    I think gmo is sposed to be labled because then we know what we are eating then we know that our body is healthy.then we wont get un healthy
    I am from Wilcox hildreth school

  11. Alexis

    I think that we should continue to make GMO foods. But, I do not think we should stop making organic plants on farms. That would cause many people to go out of work! I do think that we should label foods that are GMO, we have a right to know what we are eating. I don’t think, that we should specifically put a label on say chip bags, just mostly on produce foods.

  12. amanda!

    we have the right to know what we are eating. and what we are about to eat. so put labels on them or no GMO at all!
    say NO to GMO!!!!!


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