February 19, 2013
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Go Radio


Go Radio’s frontman Jason Lancaster pulled together the band when he got home from a tour that had ended for the next few months and wanted to continue playing music he loved. He soon got together with bassists Matt Poulos and “it’s blossomed into something we’re really proud of, and we’re hopeful” it’s going to stay that way.

Lancaster’s father was a musician, and he was “on stage at age two.” He “picked up a guitar at nine and the drums at sixteen. I’ve always been a touring musician,” he explained. Because he’s been doing it for so long he has a realistic outlook on the industry. “It’s a lot of fun, but it’s not for everyone. You have to be alright with being poor your whole life,” but if you’re doing it for the right reasons, it’s always going to be at least O.K, “even if it’s not the O.K. you expected.”

His postive outlook comes from, “life. I’m hopeful because of how I choose to handle things. I do this to make a difference, to change things for people for the better. Touring is great,” he shared, “because it lets you see that change immediately,” from the stage.

He’s also made a committment to take action for change in others lives — young musicians in particular — but play shows supporting Give Them Wings to Fly an organization that supports music programs in schools. “They’ve got great goals and they’ve gotten bigger in the last few months.”

As for Go Radio, the band is about to head out on another tour. They’ve been supporting their latest album, Close the Distance since it was released late last year. You can hear tracks from that right here and keep up with the guys on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.
“Close the Distance”

“Lost and Found”

“Things I Don’t See”



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