Amanda Plasencia
November 30, 2011

Going to Grad School


Choosing to attend a graduate school is becoming more and more popular, but are people going for the right reasons? Here’s my story on why I decided to go back to school.

I felt like my undergraduate experience was not enough to get a competitive job in broadcast journalism. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Music and Communications from New York University, I decided to work in Public Relations. I worked for two years, and taking this time to get work experience was essential in making my decision to go back to school. By working for two years, I found my passion for journalism and writing. I knew I would need training to get a job in broadcast journalism, so I decided to become a student yet again and get my Master’s.

Here’s the hard part, going to graduate school costs money! I did my research and looked at a ton of programs in the Northeast that offered graduate programs in journalism. A big part of my decision in schools was based on the scholarships they offer their potential students. I was between Boston University and New York University, but decided with NYU since they offered me the most scholarship money and I knew I wanted to stay in New York, which is a major hub for news. Their program also rocked and they have a real news studio. But New York is expensive and I had to make the decision to take out a small loan for living expenses. Adding debt is never fun and it is definitely something you have to think about, but in my case I think it was worth it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at NYU. Graduate school is definitely what you make of it and I was happy to be able to get as much hands-on experience as possible. During my graduate education, I also got the opportunity to do three internships (one of them here at Channel One) which gave me an inside look into what exactly I want to do in news after graduation. Graduate school is a big decision, but in my case, it was one of the best decisions I made for my career.

And now, after graduation in December, it’s time to look for a job.

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