Fore! Take a shot at our golf quiz that will put you on par with scoring. And before you hit the course to play, or work as a caddie, check out some of golfing greats in the slideshow below.



Get in the swing of all things on the green with this quiz about the sport.


Name: Kathy Whitworth

Claim to Fame: Won 88 LGPA Tour Tournaments, more than any woman or man in the history of the PGA and LGPA.

Birthday: September 27, 1939

Home Country: U.S.A.

Major Championship Wins: 6

More Fun Facts:Entered the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1975. Was the first woman to earn $1 million in career earnings for the sport.


Name: Arnold Palmer

Claim to Fame: PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award winner in 1998 and the namesake of the famous drink. Ever had iced tea and lemonade mixed? That's an "Arnold Palmer," his drink of choice that began at the Cherry Hills Country Club in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.

Birthday: September 10, 1929

Home Country: U.S.A.

Major Championship Wins: 7

More Fun Facts: Nicknamed "The King," often considered one of the greatest players in the history of men's golf. Inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974.


Name: Babe Didrickson Zaharias

Claim to Fame: Dubbed the most versatile female competitor by the Guinness Book of Records for her achievements in golf, basketball, track and field.

Birthday: June 26, 1911 -- September 27, 1956

Home Country: U.S.A.

Major Championship Wins: 10

More Fun Facts: The first female golf celebrity. Didrickson-Zaharias played in 3 men's PGA tournaments and was the first woman to qualify and try out for them. She broke many barriers for women in terms of athleticism and traditional models of femininity. A Texas museum is dedicated to her achievements.


Name: Harry Vardon

Claim to Fame: The Vardon Grip -- the most used grip by professional golfers. Vardon invented the overlapping golf grip that many find improves their swing.

Birthday: May 9, 1870 -- March 20, 1937

Home Country: Jersey

Major Championship Wins: 7

More Fun Facts: Often called "Mr. Golf" or the "Icon of Golf." He was also one of the original inductees in the World Golf Hall of Fame. The PGA created an annual award in his honor called the Vardon Trophy, which is given to a player with the year's lowest adjusted scoring average.


Name: Mickey Wright

Claim to Fame: Ranked Top Women Golfer by Golf Digest

Birthday: February 14, 1935

Home Country: U.S.A.

Major Championship Wins: 13

More Fun Facts: Won 82 events on the LPGA tour. She was also ranked the ninth greatest golfer of all time among men and women by Golf Digest.


Name: Jack Nicklaus

Claim to Fame: World Record holder in Major Championships and most wins at The Masters (six).

Birthday: January 21, 1940

Home Country:U.S.A.

PGA Tour Wins: 5

Major Championship Wins: 18

More Fun Facts: Nicknamed the "Golden Bear," Nicklaus is also considered one of the greatest golfers of all time because of his achievements and status as number one on McCormack's World Golf Rankings. Nicklaus is now an author, designs golf courses and still holds many world golf records.


Name: Annika Sorenstam

Claim to Fame: Achieved most golf wins by a woman with 90 professional international tournaments.

Birthday: October 9, 1970

Home Country: Sweden

Major Championship Wins: 10

More Fun Facts: Has topped the women's earnings list with $22 million. She has dual citizenship with Sweden and the U.S. In 2003, she made history by being the first women to play in a men's PGA tour since 1945.


Name: Sam Snead

Claim to Fame: Top golfer for 40 years and often played barefoot.

Birthday: May 27, 1912 –- May 23, 2002

Home Country: U.S.A.

Major Championship Wins: 7

More Fun Facts: Won 82 PGA tour events. He was also admired by many golfers because of his "perfect swing." In 1998, he won the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974.


Name: Se Ri Pak

Claim to Fame: Pak opened golf to Koreans, when she began she was the only Korean in the LPGA. She also broke a record for winning the same tournament five times.

Birthday: September 28, 1977

Home Country: South Korea

Major Championship Wins: 5

More Fun Facts: Has won the won the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic five times. She is only the third person in the history of the LGPA to win the same tournament so many times. When the LGPA sold the rights to their broadcast in South Korea, it was the single biggest sale for the organization.


Name: Ben Hogan

Claim to Fame: Heavily influenced golf swing theory.

Birthday: August 13, 1912 - July 25, 1997

Home Country: U.S.A.

Major Championship Wins: 9

More Fun Facts: Ben Hogan's life is depicted in the film, Follow the Sun (1951). Hogan is considered, among his many achievements, the best ball-striker in history and one of the most influential people when it comes to golf swing theory. He held many secret techniques which were the fascination of journalists and golf afficianonadoes alike.


Name: Tiger Woods

Claim to Fame: "I am Tiger Woods." Need we say more?

Birthday: December 30, 1975

Home Country: U.S.A.

Major Championship Wins: 15

More Fun Facts:Shot 48 for nine holes at age three and was featured in Golf Digest at age five. Woods is currently the highest paid professional athlete. He has been the PGA Player of the Year a record-breaking nine times.

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