April 30, 2013

Google Doodlers

Ever wonder who creates the drawings on the Google homepage?

Julian: Doodling as a career? Yeah, right! But it is a reality for this group of thirteen artists and engineers, known as Google doodlers. So, what does that mean?

Jennifer Hom: It means that I have the unique opportunity to change the logo on the homepage with an illustration.

Julian: Artist Jennifer Hom is part of the team that redesigns the Google logo into creative and meaningful works of art on the Google homepage.

Jennifer: We want to not hinder our audience from actually searching, because they came to our homepage to search. But we also want to do something fun.

Julian: And recently, the doodlers have stepped up their game with this animated logo for Earth Day and some interactive doodles, like this retro Pac-Man game, this Olympics animation and this Moog piano that let users record their own songs for the day.

Kris Hom: In total, around the world, there was about 57 years of music recorded on the Moog doodle.

Julian: Kris Hom is the team’s doodling director. He says it can take several months to create a doodle, which then lives on the homepage for just 24 hours.

Kris: Even though it’s there for a day, I think that it brings enough joy.

Julian: The team is based out of Mountain View, California and produces more than 300 doodles a year for dozens of countries around the world, working with other Google employees both near and far.

Kris: At some times I describe my job as “my job is to make everyone happy for ten seconds.”

Julian: The doodle seen here was drawn up in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Betsy Bauer: It’s very exciting.

Julian: It was Betsy Bauer’s idea, the newest member of the doodler team.

Betsy Bauer: Google does have a history of celebrating women and it’s a lot of fun, as a woman, to work on something that is as important as that.

There are lots of adjustments.

Julian: The team helped Betsy tweak and hone her doodle through seven versions. It is a combination of women’s faces from different cultures that spells Google in the artwork’s negative space.

It is a lot of work and creativity to be enjoyed by millions around the world for just one day.


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