February 28, 2012
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When we asked Jaime Scott what he liked best about touring, he had an immediate and awesome answer. “Thirty thousand people, singing my song.” But it’s a long way to that kind of crowd from getting started as a musician.

Scott grew up in the U.K., with a mom who was an avid fan of folk and a big influence. He picked up a guitar when he was about seven and played throughout school. At 19, he got a publishing deal for a solo album, but a few years later, when he met his collaborator, Tommy Danvers, it only took them a few days of playing together before they realized they were on to something — and soon became Graffiti6.

Their songs are about “life, anything I’m going through — family stuff, or, when I had my first heartbreak.” With Graffiti6, “we try to keep it uplifting. We want to be a positive influence — a record you put on to feel better about things,” he explained. “Out of the seventeen songs we’ve written, 12 are on the record ColoursĀ and three are on the EP. Our collaboration is as much about writing as it is about production. If one of us didn’t feel something, we didn’t use it.”

He also shared one more thing with us. He writes songs for One Direction. So, how did he get here? “It took me eight years to find myself as a musician, you have to have enough belief in yourself to stick with what you’re trying to do.”

“Annie You Save Me”

“Never Look Back”

“Stare Into the Sun”

“Stone In My Heart”





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