February 9, 2012

Grammy Dancers

A group of teens is headed to L.A. to perform before the awards show.

Shelby: The 54th Grammys are coming up this weekend. And making it to music’s biggest awards show is something most singers only dream of. But for a few talented teens, it is a dream that is coming true. Check this out!

In the choir room at Albemarle High School she is known as Veronica O’Brien. But her stage name for her trip to the Grammys is Veronica Swift. And she is one of eight students from across the country selected to perform in the lead-up to the awards show.

Veronica O’Brien: I was really excited because I was pretty, like, I wasn’t expecting to make it in. It’s a pretty prestigious program.

Shelby: Veronica has been performing professionally since she was nine years old, growing up with jazz musicians as parents.

And everyone in the Albemarle High School choral program is excited for the attention.

“It’s just very neat for Veronica and the entire program to see that these opportunities do exist.”

Shelby: And over in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, another teen is also getting ready for his Grammy debut. Seventeen-year-old Felix Ramsey from the Milwaukee High School of the Arts.

Felix Ramsey: Have such a great honor to be at the Grammy show throughout L.A.

Shelby: These teens will have the chance to perform in front of some of the biggest names in music and to record at Capitol Studios in Hollywood.

Veronica: I get to meet the people who I aspire to be. You know, hopefully Lady Gaga or people like Bruno Mars or people just in the industry that have connections and stuff.

Shelby: Connections she hopes will help her get back to the Grammys again.

Veronica: My longterm goal is to, hopefully, be on that stage accepting a Grammy award myself.

Shelby: The talented teens performed at a concert in L.A. last night — just one of several performances leading up to Sunday’s awards show!


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