October 1, 2013

Green Groceries


Maggie: Next, a story about making an impact.

One million plastic bags are used around the world every single minute. That means since this show started, 10 million bags have already been used. Scott Evans has the story of a team of students who are trying to change those numbers with a green grocery store.

Scott: The idea seemed to suddenly hit Holly Chan. Create a business called The Hero Store.

Holly Chan: Oh my gosh, I have it. It was like a eureka kind of moment.

Scott: Daniel Nolan had the same feeling when she brought the idea to him.

Daniel Nolan: She came to me in the spring and was like, ‘Hey, I have this idea. I want to make an impact. I want to make a grocery store that has zero waste.’ I was like, ‘That is awesome.’

Scott: Chan says her startup, The Hero Store, will be a grocery store where consumers will bring reusable containers to fill up with local, healthy food, with hopes the idea will help reduce waste in a landfill.

Chan: So right now, one-third of our nation’s trash is due to containers and packaging. And we find that there is a really great opportunity to eliminate wasteful packaging at the forefront by having this reusable container method.

Scott: ‘Sustainable’ is a term we have all heard quite a bit in recent years. But a sustainable business, which is also known as a green business, usually makes a considerable effort to make as little a negative impact on the environment as possible. And that goal is usually just as important as making a profit.

The first step to get their sustainable business off the ground, Holly and Daniel needed to build a team. So they joined efforts with a fellow grad student at Purdue University in Indiana. Zach Dameto says his upbringing gave him a special appreciation for living sustainably.

Zach Dameto: Growing up in the kitchen; always creating the leftovers to another meal; not throwing it away. It just wasn’t in my, like, mindset.

Scott: Another step group members hope will help make The Hero Store real is winning the Entrepreneur Magazine’s College Entrepreneur of the Year Award. And Holly is in the running.

The winner, based on the highest number of votes, will get $5,000 and will be featured in the magazine. And Holly says a win would get people thinking about their own lives.

Chan: We need to take a look at what we’re doing as far as our consumption behaviors and as far as our health and wellness goes.

Scott: Before a store opens, the group is doing research to find where would be best place for The Hero Store, and they hope to have a location by early next year.

Scott Evans, Channel One News.

Maggie: If you want to make an impact and find out more about the contest that Holly is in the running for, just head on over to


2 comments on “Green Groceries

  1. hannah

    I think that we should not use so many bags. It is so bad to use so many blastic bags becuse that means that we are just wasting things we could use.


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