Green Vehicles


With global warming continuing to affect the planet’s weather and environment, teens are finding ways to do their part. Whether it’s taking a subway, walking to school, or riding their bikes, people are cutting down on carbon emissions when they travel.

We’d like to know how you are getting from here to there with the environment in mind. Cast your vote for you favorite eco-rides in the gallery below and check out more fun stuff related to keeping Mother Earth clean and green.


Energy Eater: Solar panels, a wind turbine and an engine that runs on waste vegetable oil.

From Your Wallet: Free for students -- BioBus is a not-for-profit.

Fill 'er Up: BioBus is paid for by sponsors like Olympus.

Cool Quotient: You and your friends can check it out together -- everything's more cool when you're with friends.


Energy Eater: A hybrid cars, also called a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), has an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Yet, they do not require plugs because they are charged by the movement of the wheels, storing the kinetic energy to fuel the car when it's in electric mode.

From Your Wallet: The initial cost for a new hybrid car like the Prius is $21,000 to $27,670, but you can also buy them used. And, the government will give you a tax break of $5,000 when you buy one.

Fill 'er Up: When it comes to fuel, the cars are get up to 51 mpg.

Cool Quotient: Not only can you rock a hybrid car, you can carpool and help the environment even more!


Energy Eater: Trains and subways are not only a cost effective form of transportation, they are good for the environment too. Many trains and subways are electric, without any emissions.

From Your Wallet: The fare for the NYC subway is $2.50.

Fill 'er Up: It's electric!

Cool Quotient: Everyone's doing it -- join the 1.563 billion people who ride the NYC subway system annually.


Energy Eater: Yours!

From Your Wallet: The average cost of a bicycle in the U.S. is $385 according to a California bike commute website.

Fill 'er Up: All it needs is air in the tires and oil on the chain periodically.

Cool Quotient: Bikes are awesome when your 5 and 15 -- they never go out of style.


Energy Eater: Yours!

From Your Wallet: Free

Fill 'er Up: You may need to invest in comfy shoes.

Cool Quotient: Who doesn't enjoy a good walk?


Energy Eater: The segway doesn't have an engine, it accelerates and decelerates by responding to a person's center of gravity and turns with a mere flick of the wrist. And, obviously has no emissions.

From Your Wallet: $1,000-6,000

Fill 'er Up: The segway is slightly faster than walking, but more expensive than biking. Though, with all of these options, there is no fuel required!

Cool Quotient: Might be fun to try, but we'll have to wait to see if this trend catches on.


Celebrate the debut of the first affordable all-electric car!

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