Growing Your Roots

By Karen Knapstein

Did you know that about a third of the stuff in your average landfill is made up packaging materials? That means that those clam-shell packages that are impossible to open and Styrofoam peanuts that stick to everything are doing way more damage than just causing a ton of frustration. A new company, however, may have the answer to the world’s packing problems. 

Ecovative doesn’t produce or manufacture their product — they grow it. Using agriculture by-products (reuse!) as food for mycelium (if you’ve taken biology, you might recognize that as a part of a mushroom), they create “next generation biocomposite materials using engineered textiles.” What’s more, when you’re done with the packaging, you can toss it in a compost pile and it will break down in your backyard. 
So far, Puma, Dell, Steel Case Furniture and Crate and Barrel have signed on to ship using the eco-materials. We want to know what you think. Is mushroom packaging the Next Big Thing? Vote now! 

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