April 1, 2013

Gun Control Debate Shift?

Jessica Kumari looks at the state of the gun debate months after Newtown.

President Obama: We need everybody to remember how we felt a hundred days ago.

Jessica: President Obama wants Congress to pass stricter gun controls laws – and fast.

That is because since the shooting spree in Newton, Connecticut that killed twenty children and six adults at an elementary school, support for tougher gun control laws has actually fallen.

According to a CBS News poll, 47% of Americans support more restrictions on guns. That is down 10% from December.

President Obama: The notion that two months, or three months, after something as horrific as what happened in Newtown happens and we’ve moved on to other things? That’s not who we are.

Jessica: The senate is supposed to take up gun control legislation this month. But the bill they are now talking about doesn’t include the assault weapons ban the White House is pushing for. But it does expand background checks.

A group of Republican senators has already said they plan to filibuster the bill to try and delay any action on the legislation. And those who oppose tighter gun restrictions are making their voices heard across the country.

Gun rights supporters showed up at a town hall meeting protesting the new gun control measures that Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper recently signed into law. And the president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation says lawmakers need to focus on access to firearms, not the guns themselves.

Steve Sanetti: The same firearms in the hands of a law abiding sportsman is a horror show in the hands of a violent criminal who shouldn’t have them and is not legally entitled to possess them.

Jessica: But many in Newtown, Connecticut are pushing hard to have more gun control laws passed.

Newly released search warrants show that at Sandy Hook Elementary, the gunman was able to fire 154 bullets in just five minutes. And now, family members of several students and teachers killed in the massacre are appearing in new television ads, pleading with Connecticut’s legislature to approve tougher gun control laws.

Advertisement: Don’t let the memory of Newtown fade without doing something real.

Jessica: Jessica Kumari, Channel One News.


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