January 8, 2013

Gun Sales Up


Jessica: From Florida to California, Americans are stocking up on guns.

Victor Bean: They’re buying, and they’re buying as fast as they can get them. We’ve had some exhibitors that had to cancel and did not make the show because they didn’t have anymore inventory from their gun shops.

Andrew Arocha: I assure you this, if someone wants to come to our home to cause problems, my home will be defended.

Jessica: Experts say gun sales typically increase after mass shootings. Two of the deadliest shootings in U.S. history occurred last year. Twelve people were gunned down in a Colorado theater. And just last month, a gunman killed twenty-six people in a Connecticut elementary school before shooting himself.

The government requires background checks for people who want to buy guns from federally licensed gun dealers. According to the Associated Press, nationally, there were nearly twice as many background checks between November and December of 2012 than during the same time period one year before.

Many citizens say they are buying now because they fear the government is about to limit their access to guns.

In California, State Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner has proposed a new bill to crack down on ammunition sales.

Assemblymember Skinner: Why is it that we do not have it regulated the thing that makes a gun deadly, which is a bullet?

Jessica: Other lawmakers have proposed banning assault weapons – those high-powered guns that can fire many bullets in a short amount of time.

Charlie Beck: Why I’m not a fan of assault weapons. I believe that they have no place in an urban civilization. You know, they are specifically made to kill people.

Jessica: President Obama has created a special task forced to come up with a new gun control policy for the country. But whether Congress will debate gun control anytime soon is up for debate itself.

On the political show Face the Nation, the top-ranking Republican in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, says government has more pressing concerns.

Senator McConnell: Clearly, we will not be addressing that issue early because spending and debt are going to dominate the first three months.

Senator Murphy: And I disagree with Senator McConnell. I don’t think we should wait three months to get this done. I think we should get it done now.

Jessica: As for gun owners, Michael Morano says he has the right to buy a gun but says it shouldn’t be everyone’s right.

Michael Morano: I believe there should be restrictions. I have no problem with enhanced background checks and, you know, even some kind of mental screening.

Jessica: Still others say no one law is going to stop a determined lone gunman.

Steven Alcairo: How much more can you write until those laws become seriously intrusive? These lawmakers have to understand is that people are people, and there’s good and there’s bad in everyone.

Jessica: Jessica Kumari, Channel One News.


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