Wondering where on earth you are going to get your fix of epic romance now that that other series about supernatural/human romance has ended? Wonder no more.

Alexandra Adornetto has created the next Bella and Edward, a new Jack and Diane, a fresh Arthur and Guinevere — you get the idea. The twist in this case is that instead of a human girl falling in love with a creature of the night, an angelic girl falls in love with plain old ordinary, super-cute, human boy.

When Bethany and her celestial siblings hit earth, something is rotten in their new hometown. It’s up to them to seek out the bad guys and take care of them for the unsuspecting humans, but can they do it? Will Bethany be able to get past her fascination with posing as a mortal to destroy the immortal evil forces as she’s been asked?

About the Author

Alexandra Adornettowas 14 when she published her first book, the middle-grade novel The Shadow Thief, in Australia; she followed these with The Lampo Circus and Von Gostopper’s Arcade (all HarperCollins Australia; never published in the U.S.). The daughter of two English teachers, she admits to being a compulsive book buyer who has run out of shelf space, and now stacks her reading “in wobbly piles on my bedroom floor.” Alex lives in Melbourne, Australia; Halo marks her U.S. debut. You can visit Alex and her wide network of fans on Facebook.

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