Karen Knapstein
March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!


It’s the first day of spring! (Even though in New York, it kind of already feels like summer).

To celebrate, here’s a look at some upbeat news making headlines today.
First up, it looks like good news on the graduation front. More teens are getting their diplomas, says research presented at an advocacy summit in Washington D.C. The stats showed that 75% of teens graduated from high school in 2009, leaving a gap of 15% to reach the goal of 90% by 2020 set by the America’s Promise Alliance.
D.C. is also where you can see Cherry Blossoms in full force, like President Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron did last week when the British leader was in town. This week, the Pres is meeting with the Irish Prime Minister Edna Kenny.
Last, two headlines from the heavens, sort of. Ashton Kutcher has joined the waiting list for a trip to suborbital space with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. Tickets for that trip cost about $200k! Also, Hillary Clinton is on board with a new expedition to find out what happened to Amelia Earhart —  who disappeared over the South Pacific 75 years ago.
What do you think about the headlines this week? Are you curious about Earhart? Do you think grad rates could be higher? Tell us in the comments.

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