Happy Valentine’s Day!


Did you know that 40% of all Valentine’s Day cards are purchased by parents? And while we’re pretty sure one reason for that big number is all the boxes of Care Bear cards kids share with each other in elementary schools around the country, there are actually some pretty surprising stats surrounding it.┬áHere’s a rundown.

496 A.D.: The year the first Valentine’s Day was celebrated. Sort of. February 14th was the day set aside to honor early Christian martyrs named Valentine — there were actually three of them. The holiday became associated with romance in the fourteenth century after Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a poem about it.

110: That’s how many calories are in the average box of little candy hearts. The New England┬áConfectionery Company makes about 8 billion of them, complete with their short and sweet messages, each year.

15: The percentage of women who reportedly send themselves flowers each year on the holiday. While we’re not sure about the source of that particular fun fact, we do think fresh flowers are always a good idea.

$13 Billion: You guessed it. That’s about how much money people will spend this year to celebrate Valentine’s day.
$0: That’s how much it costs to be a part of something called Generosity Day, a campaign trying to shift the focus of Valentine’s Day from flowers and chocolates and pricey dinners to thoughtfulness and “pay it forward“-style good deeds.

What do you think? Will you be celebrating tomorrow? What will you do?

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