Karen Knapstein
October 3, 2013

Head Gear

With all the new research on young athletes and concussions, most players and coaches are interested in anything that might provided an extra level of protection against head injuries of any kind. That’s why this idea for the next big thing might be coming to a football field near you sooner than later.

The Guardian Cap is a helmet for your football helmet designed to “decrease the force of impact by increasing the time of deceleration upon impact.” The company stresses that no helmet can eliminate the risk of concussion or injury, they do say the cap can lessen the force of some impact by more than 30%.

What do you think? Vote in the poll and leave a comment telling us why you made your choice.

96 comments on “Head Gear

      1. babynatalie1713

        I think that the ‘Guardian Cap’ is a good idea for the school’s to get , for students to be able to play football with the ‘Guardian Cap’ in there head so it could keep them safe.

    1. Angel white

      Yes football players get hurt every day and parents are getting there kids out of foot ball this is helping keep them safe :-)

      1. Noah Fettig

        Yes. I honestly t hink this will be it. I mean, last year I was in football, and I got tackled. HARD. I didn’t get a concussion, but the doctor said I was really close. I had to miss one of the best games of the year! My other friends, one got a double concussion, while another got a single. I think these are necessary… keep them :)

  1. Aaron layport

    i think that the helmet is good because there is more pading so u dont get a concussions and so u dont get any neck injury.

    1. Larry Lunchmeat

      Hey Jack they look like junk. Put a Cummings in ‘em and they’ll be great!!! #Git-R-Done #Cummings Coal Rollers


    The extra padding would help a lot because if you are a player who gets the ball, it really hurts to have your head crushed on the ground

  3. Brenna

    I thi it is a better way to keep the head injuries down, it gives them a smaller risk of getting a concision.

  4. Brian Purcella

    I think the helmet over the helmet looks space age and will bring the sport of football into the 21st century of technological advancement.

  5. Megan

    If they could find a way to put the padding in the helmet than maybe people wouldn’t judge it so much on the way it looks. But i think it’s a awesome idea and will help.

  6. Coleman Murray

    As a user of the guardian cap, I can truthfully say it hurts more with the Guardian Cap on. All the shock goes to one spot and you feel the effects much longer.

  7. Clay wolfe

    My football team has these and in my opinion they are worse. They focus the hit on your head and also cause whiplash and stress on your neck when you do hit people

  8. Kaylee Heinze

    Yes because the Helmet Head is safe for the football players heads and it also keeping from preventing concussions, neck injuries, and it also helps stay comfy. Everyone likes to be comfy and safe!

  9. Lucero

    Definitely the next big thing ! It’s okay that they look like beehives as long as they are better protected.

  10. Iule

    It’s not like it’s gonna 100% prevent head injuries, but any little thing helps. Somethings are better than nothing.

  11. Patrick

    No, because helment’s are made hard for a reason. The reason is so that when you hit something it will bounce off. If you have something soft they will stick together and will you will be more likely to get a head injury.

  12. LaShounna Hill

    i said yeah because it will help the football team out it wont stop them from getting hurt but it will be SAFER !

  13. Caleb Taylor

    They are great. There are many people getting hurting in not only football but in others sports too. They should also make them for skateboarding, baseball, and many others.

  14. Caleb Taylor

    They are great. They shouldn’t be in just football though. They should be in other sports like baseball, skateboarding, and many others.

  15. dakota447

    Yea and no I mean it makes them safer but it is also putting a little bit more weight on there neck so i’m voting maybe….!!!!!

  16. Rebekah-Patterson

    I think will the guardian cap, it will protect from concussion. An make the grade go higher, because the team wont forget what they learned.

  17. Tiana

    I think it’s good, but I don’t think it’s the next big thing. Besides, you said in the episode this was in, it won’t necessarily stop any more damage, considering that it’s just a little bit of padding.

    Best regards,
    Tiana :)

  18. Alyssa

    I don’t understand why people are against it!?! It’s a way to be a little bit safer! And a little bit could help a lot! This is definitely the next big thing! I’m up for it! Even though I don’t like football. :)

  19. morgan finch

    This should be used on every high school football team, like it or not. I would rather my buff on our f-ball team look ridiculous than have a concussion or even die. All it takes is a hit, big small, the the wrong spot to kill someone or ruin their life. I would not want him or his family live in a more full of torture from his death or major injury. For all of you saying no, just think about it, OKAY?!?!?!?!

  20. Phillip

    I don’t think this is the nbt. Shouldn’t helmets do the trick themselves? A helmet for your helmet won’t work better at all!

  21. Cassie

    I think they should have extra padding but this is not the next big thing! They need extra padding on the inside not the outside!

  22. Kevin Drake

    My school has a lot of rough players in football and I think they should make it for baseball helmets Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Los Angles Dodgers Ian Kennedy almost hits one of the Dodgers pitchers in the head on purpose.

  23. ben nedrow

    I think they should have extra padding on the outside of the helmet because I actually play football and it hurts when you get hit in the helmet.

  24. Tyler McCall

    no because if you play the game right then you won’t get hurt so there’s no need for the extra padding.

  25. Hannah

    I’m sick of having players called off the field and sometimes even taken to the hospital because of head injuries. This will help to take down the number of those incidences.

  26. Colby

    Im a 5th grader and I love football and i said yes to the extra padding on the helmet because it will help kid and adults not get a much head injuries

  27. Nick S.

    I said yes because I think it will help all the football players and me and I believe I can speak for my football friends also is we are all sometimes worried about our injuries in football so the helmet I think is a great start to get to the number 1 injure free helmet

  28. jesie

    I really don’t think this is a good idea yes I might help a little but I don’t think it really hold a purpose

  29. Christopher Tibbott

    no because first of all it would stop head injury but what about all the other types of injury and what if the other team does not have them than you just stick and have more injures. so I say no

  30. Zoly

    I think not it is not going to be the next big thing because all it does is protect your head in the outside and not the inside. if the soft part was in the inside then yes, and how is it safer for it to be in the outside anyways. it would be better if it was inside of the helmet.

  31. Francisco delion

    I said no because,yes it does protect you but the fact still remains…why wouled someone still get a concuction. Plus this sport is very dangrous still.Protection is one thing,but foootball is another.

  32. Jennifer -Rodriguez tinoco

    It is a great thing that day they can be safe and wont hurt there had and have a fun time cheering without hurt (whooop whoop) :)

  33. Hayley Tesseneer

    I would say yes and because people can use it to help with not getting hurt and it would be safer for some people in a lot of ways. It could help with not getting concussions and not getting that bad of hurt when they are at football practice, soccer practice or any of those sports.

  34. jaheim

    it is best to have a football padding because I play football and I nearly got a concussion and could have been out for the whole season

  35. Ellery

    I say no because football needs to be less rough and if they get hurt they get hurt it is their fault.In plus they have a ton of other gear. There is chest gear, the thing in their mouth. Too much thing to worry about.

  36. Jacob Anthony

    Yes it is because I’ve played football for 6years and have had 2 mild concussions and that would be very helpful to keep those from happening.


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