Helmet Head


Do you think more people would ride bikes if they didn’t end up with helmet head when they got to where they’re going?

Some Swedish designers do. That’s why they created the Hovding, an inflatable, invisible-until-you-need-it bike helmet. It’s essentially an airbag for your head. Created by two fashion conscious designers, the two got the idea when a law was passed in their country requiring all bikers under 15 to wear a helmet while riding. With a little creativity and a little engineering, they came up with a solution.

When sensors inside the helmet detect that you might be about to crash, it deploys helium gas that inflates the nylon bag that is shaped like helmet. To perfect the design, they even consulted a brain-trauma specialist and were funded by investors. With all that on their side, the only issue we can see with this helmet-of-the-future is the price — right now it runs about $600.

We want to know what you think. Is an invisible, inflatable helmet the next big thing? Vote now!

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