Here Lies Arthur


Reeve places his Arthur in the Dark Ages of the sixth century where a mythical bard Myrddin embellishes his story by creating a modern spin on this ancient tale that combines wishes, lies and dreams into this familiar legend.

In Reeve’s addition to the Arthur canon, the Dark Ages are truly dark with an irresponsible and brutal Arthur in charge of a country where his notoriety stems solely from the traveling storyteller, Myrrdin.

The focus of the novel , however, rests on Gwyna. When Myrrdin takes her in after her village is destroyed, he places her in various disguises throughout her childhood and adolescence that allow her to gain a unique perspective on the times she lives in, and, ultimately, what the truth really means.

About the Author

Philip Reeve was born and grew up in Great Britain where he worked in a bookshop in Brighton and on various other projects before starting his career as an illustrator. Although he has been writing stories since he was very young, Mortal Engines was the first to be published — and to receive incredible critical acclaim. It was shortlisted for The Whitbread Children’s Book Award and was awarded the GOLD Nestle”Smarties Book Prize” as well as being named, “The Blue Peter Book of the Year 2003.” Philip lives in Devon with his wife and son.

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