Christa Fletcher
February 1, 2012
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Hero Hero


When listening to Hero Hero, you might feel the urge to sweep your hair up in a side ponytail and running man your way over to Urban Outfitters for some new neon-wear. Hero Hero is perfect for those end of day moments when you wish you could Flash Dance your way to dinner time. “What We Have” is especially catchy. You might not be willing to brave acid washed jeans, but trust us, just start listening to their second track “Take on the World,” and you’ll feel right again in your dark-washed skinny jeans with this modern revamp on 80′s pop.

The faces behind the music of Hero Hero are Wes Lieberher, former front man of Philadelphia based bands, Little League/Kill Verona and The End Of Radio, and Steve Bockey, a Philly based songwriter and producer. Lieberher’s run with Kill Verona, a rock band that was also in Philadelphia, was originally called Little League until they were forced to change their name by the Little League Baseball Association, according to their Wikipedia entry. The band had a big following in the early 00′s, but by 2006, the band had broken up after the musicians wanted to pursue separate interests. Now, Lieberher has a fresh start with Bockey, creating fun music reminiscent of their influences: Depeche Mode, INXS and Tears for Fears, among others.

If you feel like being swept away, like when you watch your favorite Molly Ringwald film (hello, Breakfast Club!), check out “The Line,” their third song available on Hear It Now, an inspirational tune just waiting for you to bust out your own classic 80′s moment with a quick cabbage patch dance move.

Christa Fletcher

“What We Have”


“The Line”



Depeche Mode


Michael Jackson

The End of Radio

Kill Verona

Tears for Fears


Joy Division

New Order

Face to Face


Wesley Lieberher: Vocals, Composition

Steve Bockey: Instrumentation, Composition

Produced by Wes & Steve

Engineered, Produced, & Mastered at Studio 2440 by Steve B.

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